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It is a proven statistic (Rightmove) that furnished homes sell for at least 8% more than those which are left soulless and empty. Making a property presentable, inviting and giving it the 'wow factor' is what we do and it need not cost a fortune because you can rent the scheme, including accessories, for as little as one month at a time.

We are a team of Interior Stylists with access to a comprehensive range of furniture, art work, accessories and fabulous ideas to optimise the appearance of a whole property or just one room.

Renting this service for the short-term is far more cost effective than purchasing a show home AND we take it all away at the end, so no hassle about what to do with all that furniture when the property is sold.

(The apartment photographed sold for £17,000 (8%!) more than predicted once we had dressed it and sprinkled it with Jigsaw magic!)